Makers of motorcycle fairings, windscreens and other accessories.

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is one of the only licensed Powerbronze distributors in the USA.
They are located in Rochelle Park, New Jersey, and can be reached
by telephone at (201) 843-3567
or by fax at (201) 843-3238

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Sport-touring-style, half-fairing, single headlight (round or rectangular)
Call for price (was $575 in 1998)
Full-faired version of the Colt
Call for price (was $705 in 1998)

Sport-style, half-fairing, enclosed twin-headlights
Call for price (was $750 in 1998)
Full-faired version of the Cobra
Call for price (was $775 in 1998)

Bol d'Or
Sport-style, half-fairing, twin-headlight
Call for price (was $735 in 1998)
Full-faired version of the Bol d'Or
Call for price (was $725 in 1998)

Sleek & aggressive with 2 polyelliptical quartz iodine lights Call for price
Full-faired version of the Rapier Call for price

Touring-style, full-fairing
Call for price (was $910 in 1998)
See All the fairings
and other products at the
Powerbronze Website.

1 Fairing material: high-impact plastic.
2 Exterior finish: ultra-high gloss black, bright red, white or carbon-look. (tough scratch-resistant surface).
3 Interior finish: smooth
4 Weight of fairing (inc fittings):
  • Voyager: 9kg
  • Daytona: 7.5 kg
  • Cobra/Bol d'Or: 6 kg
  • Viper/Endurance: 8kg
  • Venom: 2kg
  • 5 Screen: dark tint.
    6 New bracket system for '97 providing specific kiets for most popular models allows reduced fitting times.
    7 Fairing panels are bracket-mounted in rubber-bushes with steel inners (thus reducing vibration).
    8 All fairings supplied with fixing-kits, screen and trim.
    9 Twin 35w/35w halogen lights (total 70w) and parking bulbs with plug-in wiring-loom are supuplied with all twin-headlight models. Both lights operate sumultaneously.
    10 All fairings retain standard handlebars and stering lock, standard footrests, side and center stands.
    11 Standard exhausts are acceptable in most cases. 4-1 and 2-1 exhausts can also be fitted.
    12 Most fairings retain the bike's standard indicators.
  • Higher screen
  • Internal dash (std on Voyager, Viper & Cobra)
  • Key-operated lockable compartments (Voyager only)
  • Flush-mounted indicators
  • Color-matched paintwork

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