About the Author

My full name is Robert Hasenhundl (pronounced has-en-hundle). I was born in 1968 in Montreal, Quebec. I lived in Chateauguay, Quebec until I was 30 (except for 3 years finishing high-school in VanKleek Hill, Ontario). I moved to the Denver area in April of 1999, just after getting married.

My parents immigrated from West Germany to Canada in 1953. They first settled in Lancaster, Ontario, and moved to Montreal after a few years. They finally settled in Chateauguay in 1960. My father passed away in 1981 and is buried there. My mother still lives in Quebec, in the quaint little town of Hudson. I have two older brothers, Franz and Eric. Eric was the first to leave Quebec - he moved to Calgary, Alberta in 1977, and in 1995, moved slightly further west, to Kelowna, British Columbia. Franz finally made the jump in 1994, moving to Edmonton, Alberta.

I've been fortunate enough to have been employed in the computer industry since 1989, starting off as a programmer, then doing some analysis, until 1993, when I was recruited to do technical support for a Fourth-Generation programming language called Speedware. I evolved from technical support to providing professional services (analysis, etc) to customers in the Denver area and throughout the US. In September 2000, I left Speedware to go work in the e-commerce division of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado. In 2007, I worked at TIAA-CREF in Denver (as a consultant for CAE Solutions), and worked there until September, when I had a really bad motorcycle accident while roadracing in Pueblo.

I have many interests, including playing sports (hockey, volleyball, basketball), hiking, camping, rollerblading and motorcycling. Feel free to if you're interested in discussing any of these.

This is what I like to do in the winter (when I can't ride my motorcycle :-).

Interested in Chinese Horoscope? Find out about The Monkey. I was born in 1968, so that's what I am ;-)